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Our Never-Ending Pursuit of Better Patient Outcomes

Dr. Chen’s Outcomes

Dr. Chen publishes quality measures of his patients' surgical outcomes. He utilizes the Surgical Outcomes System (SOS), which objectively measures patient outcomes. He also measures subjective satisfaction of patients using getwell | Loop.

For patients interested in the cosmetic outcomes from surgery, Dr. Chen has a collection of pictures that can be viewed here.

For patients interested in post-operative X-rays and surgical images from surgery, he has a collection of images that can be viewed here.

100% of patients surveyed would recommend Dr. Chen to a friend

According to a HealthLoop Patient Satisfaction Survey measured by the question: “How likely is it that you would recommend Dr. Chen to a friend?”

100 extremely likely100 extremely likely
  • Extremely Likely
  • Slightly Likely
  • Neither Likely or Unlikely
  • Slightly Unlikely
  • Extremely Unlikely

Surgical Outcomes - System Patient Pain Levels After Surgery

Measured by the Visual Analog Score (VAS).

VAS Knee

VAS Knee resultsVAS Knee results

vas knee globalvas knee global

VAS Shoulder

VAS Shoulder ResultsVAS Shoulder Results

VAS Shoulder ResultsVAS Shoulder Results
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