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Wound Healing with JumpStart
Dr. James Chen, MD - San Francisco, CA

Wound healing is critical for an optimal surgical outcome. The human body has its own ability to heal incisions. However, with the right environment, wound healing can be accelerated and promoted. JumpStart is a microcurrent generating antimicrobial wound dressing designed to mimic the body’s natural physiologic electric currents. The dot matrix pattern of silver and zinc microcell batteries embedded on the dressing generate microcurrents in the presence of a conductive medium, such as sterile saline, water, hydrogel or wound exudate. JumpStart dressings may be applied directly over sutures, staples, Steri-Strips and liquid skin adhesives.

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Common Questions about Wound Healing with JumpStart

What is JumpStart?

JumpStart is an antimicrobial wound dressing that generates a microcurrent that mimics the body’s natural electrical currents in order to aid the healing process.

How does JumpStart reduce the risk of infection?

Jumpstart reduces the risk of infection by destroying a broad range of pathogens while ensuring that no silver enters the bloodstream.

Where can JumpStart be applied?

JumpStart can be applied over sutures, staples, Steri-Strips, and liquid skin adhesives. JumpStart comes in various sizes which can be cut to fit the surgical site of interest.

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