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Dr. James Chen, MD - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen's technique for filling bony defects with Stimublast

StimuBlast demineralized bone matrix is allograft bone with inorganic mineral removed, leaving only organic collagen matrix. It has increased osteoinductivity and can be used in an aqueous environment. StimuBlast is commonly used to fill bony defects from the patellar or tibial harvest site in a Bone Patellar Tendon Bone (BTB) ACL procedure. It can also be used to fill tunnel defects in the setting of a revision ACL surgery.

Common Questions about StimuBlast

What is StimuBlast?/What is demineralized bone matrix?

StimuBlast is a form of demineralized bone matrix, which is allograft bone that’s been stripped of its inorganic content. This leaves a collagen matrix that can be used to help treat certain fractures and fill in osseous defects.

What is the difference between demineralized bone matrix’s such as Stimublast and undermineralized allografts?

Undermineralized allografts must be sterilized in order to prevent allogenic disease transmission as well as an immune response, removing it’s osteogenic and osteoinductive properties. Stimublast provides superior osteoinductive properties as the demineralization process leads to a higher concentration of growth factors. However, undermineralized allografts do provide better mechanical properties.

Is demineralized bone matrix the same as bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)?

No. Bone morphogenetic proteins are signaling molecules which promote bone and cartilage formation. However, demineralized bone matrix such as StimuBlast do contain BMP’s to promote osseous regeneration.

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StimuBlast Filling a Defect