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Biologic Cartilage
Dr. James Chen, MD - San Francisco, CA

Pre Op MRI showing cartilage lesion

Post Op MRI showing healed lesion

BioCartilage is an injectable cartilage-scaffold paste that can fill a defect subsequent to marrow stimulation such as microfracture. By injecting a dehydrated allograft cartilage scaffold, hyaline-like cartilage can repopulate the defect. The principle of BioCartilage is to serve as a scaffold over an articular cartilage defect providing a tissue network that can potentially signal autologous cellular interactions. Marrow elements will fill the cartilage lesion and interact with the scaffold created by BioCartilage instead of being expected to create its own fibrin scaffold such as in an isolated microfracture procedure.

Common Questions about Biologic Cartilage

What does BioCartilage do?

BioCartilage is designed to act as a scaffold over an articular cartilage defect. When used in conjunction with microfracture techniques, BioCartilage augments the repair by providing a tissue network which the bone marrow can interact with, potentially signaling autologous cellular interactions and providing a scaffold.

What is BioCartilage made of?

Biocartilage is derived from allograft cartilage. It contains type II cartilage, cartilaginous growth factors, and proteoglycans.

How is the BioCartilage procedure performed?

The BioCartilage procedure is performed arthroscopically through a fiber-optic camera. The chondral defect is debrided and the calcified cartilage layer is removed. A microfracture procedure is then performed, and the BioCartilage applied over it. It is considered a minimally invasive surgery.

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Articular Cartilage Defect


Filling of the Defect with BioCartilage


Cartilage defect of medial femoral condyle


Intra-operative filling of defect with Biologic Cartilage


Second look showing
healed defect