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ArthroFLEX Dermal Allograft
Dr. James Chen, MD - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen's use of Dermal Allograft in Superior Capsular Reconstruction:

ArthroFLEX in SCR

ArthroFLEX in Achilles

ArthroFLEX is an acellular dermal extracellular matrix used in soft tissue repair as a biologic structural support. It is an acellular dermis that retain its growth factors, native collagen scaffold and elastin, which is required for healing ArthroFLEX provides a clean scaffold intended for supplemental support and covering for soft tissue repair. Its elastin and collagen make it extremely strong. It is used in Superior Capsular Reconstruction for irreparable rotator cuff tears. It can also be used in to augment tendon repairs such as Achilles or Patellar tendon repairs. As a Biowasher it can be used to augment rotator cuff repairs.

ArthroFLEX Biowashers

Common Questions about ArthroFLEX Dermal Allograft

What is ArthroFlex?

ArthroFlex is an acellular dermal extracellular matrix which helps protect a repair. It contains growth factors, collagen, keratin, and elastin that aid the recovery process.

How does ArthroFlex help a repair?

The elastin and collagen in ArthroFlex provide a strong scaffold that supplements the repair. In addition, the growth factors promote rapid healing.

What procedures can ArthroFlex be used for?

Hand/Wrist Tendon Sheath Augmentation, Achilles Tendon Augmentation, Peroneal/Tibial Tendon Augmentation, Rotator Cuff Augmentation, Suture Reinforcement, and Capsular Reinforcement.

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