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Microparticulate Bone

Final Matric

ArthroCell contains donor stem cells, progenitor cells, and bone marrow isolated multilineage cells that support healing processes. The cells are stored in a tube and are added to a mixture of mineralized and demineralized bone particulate including cortical shavings, cancellous and microparticulate bone. The combination of the donor stem cells and the bone matrix create a cellular matrix ideal for use as a bone void filler or to aid in bone fusion or poor healing bony areas.

Mixture of Stem Cells and Matrix

Common Questions about ArthroCell

What is ArthroCell?

ArthroCell is a moldable cellular bone allograft that is created from human bone marrow.

What’s in ArthroCell?

ArthroCell contains mesenchymal stem cells, progenitor cells, and MIAMI Cells, which help promote osseous regeneration.

What are MIAMI Cells?

MIAMI Cells, or marrow-isolated adult multilineage-inducible cells are primitive stem cells which have the potential to differentiate into osteoblasts that create new bone if placed in the correct environment.

How is ArthroCell prepared?

AthroCell is prepared by thawing the cells and then mixing them with mineralized and demineralized bone particulates. This mixture is then combined with a gel that holds all the components together.

How does ArthroCell help promote bone repair?

ArthroCell provides the repair site with a scaffold to improve cell attachment. Additionally, the mesenchymal stem cells and MIAMI cells can differentiate into bone.

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