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Dr. James Chen, MD - San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen's technique for Achilles Repair with Amnion Augmentation:

Amniotic-derived tissues contain regenerative qualities and growth factors that maintain the natural healing properties of Amnion. Amnion is an anatomical barrier that provides mechanical protection to prevent adhesion and scar formation while supporting healing. Amnion is regenerative and rich in growth factors that reduce inflammation and scarring. It can be used in ACL reconstruction, tendon repair, or nerve procedures such as cubital tunnel release.

Common Questions about Amnion

Where does Amnion come from?

Amniotic-derived tissue come from the thin, semitransparent membrane that lines the inside of the placenta.

What does Amnion do?

In many orthopaedic settings, amnion serves as an anatomical barrier that helps prevent adhesion and scar tissue formation. Amnion is also known to have numerous cytokines and growth factors that assist in the recovery process.

What procedures can Amnion be used for?

Amnion can be used for rotator cuff repairs, ACL reconstructions, Achilles tendon repairs, in addition to various hand and wrist procedures.

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Amnion for Ulnar Nerve Tranposition


Ulnar Nerve Wrapped in Amnion