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VIP (Virtual Implant Positioning) Shoulder Replacement
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Total and Reverse Shoulder Replacements replace the joint surfaces of the ball and socket of the shoulder. The socket of the shoulder rests on narrow bone of the scapula. In some cases placement of the socket can be difficult due to abnormal anatomy or loss of bone stock of the socket due to excessive wear. Using the Virtual Implant Positioning (VIP) system, a pre-operative scan of the patient's shoulder is used to make customized patient-specific guide and instrumentation for Total and Reverse Shoulder Replacement. The VIP system produces three options for the surgery: a one dimensional plan, a 3-D model of the socket, or a 5-D calibrated device. A VIP Shoulder Replacement ensures the best geometric placement of the socket.

Common Questions about VIP (Virtual Implant Positioning) Shoulder Replacement

When should VIP Shoulder Replacement be performed?

VIP Shoulder Replacement is ideal for a patient who is having a shoulder replacement with a history of severe osteoarthritis, complex anatomy, or prior shoulder surgeries.

How is VIP Shoulder Replacement different?

Correct placement of the socket is the most critical step in a shoulder replacement. There sometimes can be little bony support where the new socket will be placed and therefore it is important for screws to be implanted correctly. Virtual Implant Positioning ensures that the socket will be placed in the most ideal position.

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Guide showing ideal socket placement


3-D Socket and 5-D Calibrator


VIP System