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Triceps Tendon Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s surgical technique for triceps tendon repairs:

A surgical procedure performed to repair a triceps tendon that has torn from its attachment on the ulna bone. An incision is made over the ulna. The triceps tendon is identified and freed from any scar tissue formed around it. Sutures are placed in the tendon and two tunnels is drilled through the ulna bone. The sutures are passed through the tunnels and anchored into the bone with absorbable anchors.

Common Questions about Triceps Tendon Repair

How is a triceps tendon repair performed?

An incision is made over the ulna and the triceps tendon is identified, cleaned, and sutured. Two tunnels are drilled into the ulna and the sutures are passed through. The sutures are then anchored into the bone using absorbable anchors.

What is the rehabilitation process after a triceps tendon repair?

Following the procedure, the elbow is placed in a brace and passive range of motion exercises are started. Six weeks later, a removable splint is used in order to begin active range of motion exercises. Light resistance is added at the twelve-week mark. The patient may return to full activity six months after the procedure.

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