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Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s presentation on proximal hamstring ruptures:

A surgical procedure performed to repair a hamstring tendon that has torn away from its upper attachment to the ischium. An incision is made on the back of the leg near the gluteal region. The hamstring tendon is identified and freed from any scar tissue formed around it. Sutures are placed in the tendon and threaded through one or more absorbable anchors. The tendon attachment site on the ischium bone is then carefully exposed. Small holes are drilled in the bone at the attachment site to accommodate the anchors. The tendon is then be secured to its attachment site as the anchors are placed in the bone.

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Common Questions about Proximal Hamstring Tendon Repair

What is a proximal hamstring tendon tear?

Three proximal hamstring tendons insert at the lower buttocks region. A tear is when a hamstring tendon detaches from the ischial tuberosity located at the bottom of the pelvis bone. When two of the three tendons are torn from the bone then surgery is recommended.

Am I at risk and what are the symptoms of a proximal hamstring tear?

Those that participate in sports that involve sprinting and kicking motions are at risk for proximal hamstring tears. Symptoms can include weakness and cramps, especially with running or walking.

What is the surgical process like?

The proximal hamstring repair consists of the removal of scar tissue and repairing the hamstring tendons to their original place with absorbable screws.

What is the recovery process like?

Rehabilitation may take up to 6 months to return to full activity. Patients initially use crutches for the first few months and then begin to strengthen the tendons. Patients start attending physical therapy when instructed by their physician and continue for the duration of their recovery process.

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