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Percutaneous Scaphoid Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s presentation on scaphoid fractures:

A minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to repair some fractures of the scaphoid bone. A small incision is made on the wrist near the base of the scaphoid bone. A wire is advanced into the scaphoid bone using a drill. Positioning of the wire is verified throughout using X-ray. Once the pin is appropriately positioned, a larger hole is drilled over the wire. The fracture is aligned and a screw is then introduced into the bone to secure it.

Common Questions about Percutaneous Scaphoid Repair

What are the indications for a percutaneous scaphoid repair?

Indications for a percutaneous scaphoid repair include proximal pole fractures, a displacement greater than 1mm, unstable fractures, and a fracture with multiple fragments.

How is a percutaneous scaphoid repair performed?

A percutaneous scaphoid repair is performed by creating a small incision near the base of the wrist and advancing a wire into the scaphoid bone. X-rays are used to confirm wire positioning and a larger hole is drilled using the wire as a guide. The fracture is then aligned and secured using a screw.

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