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Pectoralis Tendon Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen's presentation on pectoralis tendon repair

A surgical procedure performed to secure a torn pectoral muscle or tendon to its native attachment on the humerus bone of the arm. An incision is made to expose the torn muscle or tendon. Several sutures are passed through the torn tendon and muscle. The attachment site on the bone is cleared of soft tissue and small holes are drilled in the bone. The tendon can then be pulled to the bone and secured with metal buttons attached to the suture and passed through the bone.

Common Questions about Pectoralis Tendon Repair

What is a pectoralis tear?

A pectoralis tear is a tear of the tendon of the pectoralis tendon off of the humerus.

When does pec tear need surgery?

Surgery is recommended if the tendon has been fully torn off of the humerus in an active patient. If the tear is in the muscle belly alone and does not involve the tendon then nonsurgical treatment is recommended.

How is pectoralis repair surgery performed?

Pectoralis tendon surgery is performed by placing sutures into the torn tendon ends. Two to three holes are drilled into the humerus and the sutures are loaded into metal buttons that are placed into the drill holes. The tendon is then tensioned to the buttons and the sutures are tied, thus repairing the tendon to its anatomic insertion point.

What are some signs of a pectoralis tear?

Loss of axillary fold and bruising in the axilla are common physical exam findings.

How soon should surgical treatment be performed?

The sooner surgery is performed the more easily the tendon can be reduced to its insertion on the humerus. Several studies however show that successful repair can occur up to 10 weeks after injury.

How long is the rehabilitation after surgery?

Full rehabilitation to weight lifting and explosive sports such as football takes 6 months or more to achieve.

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