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Patella Fracture Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s presentation on patella fractures:

A surgical procedure performed to repair a torn quadriceps tendon. An incision is made above the kneecap and the torn tendon is exposed and inspected. Several sutures are passed through free ends of the tendon. Small holes can be drilled in the patella for suture passage to reinforce a repair of a tear near the kneecap. The free ends of the tendon are brought together and secured by tying together sutures from either end of the torn tendon.

Common Questions about Patella Fracture Repair

What are the risk factors for a patella fracture?

Advanced age, osteoporosis, decreased bone or muscle mass, participation in high impact sports, and trauma are all risk factors for a patella fracture.

Are non-surgical treatment options available for a patella fracture?

If knee extension is possible and the fracture is either non-displaced, minimally displaced, or vertical in nature, a brace may be used as a non-surgical treatment option.

When is a patella fracture repair necessary?

A patella fracture repair is necessary when knee extension is not possible and the fracture is open or displaced.

How is a patella fracture repair performed?

A patella fracture repair is performed by making an incision above the patella, correctly aligning it, and securing the displaced fragments together with metal screws, wires, or suture material.

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