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Bony Mallet Finger Repair
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

A surgical procedure performed to pin in place the bony piece of a mallet finger. Two pins are placed to reduce and trap the bony fracture of the distal phalanx in place. Once healed the pins are removed and this allows restoration of full extension of the finger without any cosmetic deformity of the finger.

Common Questions about Bony Mallet Finger Repair

What is a mallet finger

A mallet finger is when the extensor tendon tears at its attachment at the distal phalanx. This causes the finger tip to droop without the ability to be straightened because the tendon is not attached.

What is the difference between a bony mallet finger and a tendinous mallet finger?

In a bony mallet finger a piece of the distal phalanx is fractured and therefore the finger droops because the tendon is attached to the fractured fragment.

What are the treatment options for a tendinous or bony mallet finger?

All tendinous mallet fingers should be treated in a splint for 2 months. Bony mallet fingers with a displaced piece of bone can be treated with surgical pinning. This is Dr. Chen's preferred method to restore the cartilage surface of the distal finger joint and to avoid any cosmetic deformity

What technique does Dr. Chen use to repair a bony mallet finger?

Dr. Chen performs extension block pinning in which two pins are used to reduce and trap the bony fragment until healing.

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