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Meniscus Repair With Orthobiologic Augmentation
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s presentation on bucket handle meniscus tears:

An arthroscopic procedure performed to repair tears in specific parts of the meniscus. Two small incisions are made on the front of the knee. An arthroscopic camera and instruments are used to identify the tear and ensure it is amenable to repair. A meniscal repair device is used to pass the suture through the torn meniscus and secure it outside the joint capsule with a plastic or absorbable anchor. The other end of the suture is passed through the meniscus to close the defect caused by the tear and secured outside the capsule with another anchor. The suture can then be tightened inside the knee to ensure the defect is closed and secure. The number of sutures placed will be determined by the size of the tear. Orthobiologic injection such as PRP is added to the repair.

Common Question about Meniscus Repair With Orthobiologic Augmentation

What is meniscus repair with Orthobiologic Augmentation?

Orthobiologics are substances naturally found in the human body that are used to improve the healing process. The meniscus is an avascular cartilage structure and therefore does not have the best healing capability. The highest healing rates are found in young patients with acute injuries who have torn the meniscus in the red-red vascular zone of the meniscus. To improve healing rates further, biologic material such as stem cells or platelet rich plasma can be added to a meniscus repair.

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