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Loose Body Removal Procedure
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

Dr. Chen’s surgical technique for elbow loose body removal:

An arthroscopic procedure performed to remove loose calcified bodies or bone fragments from the elbow joint. Two to four small incisions are made around the elbow. An arthroscopic camera and instruments are used to inspect the joint and identify loose bodies. Arthroscopic graspers and shavers are used to remove loose bodies from the joint.

Common Questions about Loose Body Removal Procedure

What is a loose body?

A loose body is typically a piece of bone or cartilage that disrupts the joint. It usually is either a broken bone spur fragment or a small cartilage piece that over time has snowballed into a larger piece.

When should a loose body be removed from the elbow?

If a loose body is causing mechanical symptoms such as clicking or locking during range of motion that is an ideal indication to have it removed. If a loose body is not causing symptoms it still should be removed to preserve the cartilage in the joint.

How is a loose body removed from the elbow?

Arthroscopic elbow loose body removal is performed through 3 or 4 small incisions. A camera is introduced and a small grasper is used to remove the loose body.

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