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Glenoid Resurfacing For Premature Osteoarthritis
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

An arthroscopic procedure performed to resurface a prematurely worn out glenoid (socket). Through several small incisions around the shoulder, instruments are used to smooth and clean the socket. A dermal allograft is then introduced and anchored on the socket as a durable cushion to relieve pain and prevent further wear of the socket. The tissue is brought to its proper position then secured to the bone of the shoulder socket by driving absorbable anchors into small, drilled holes. This procedure is on available for younger patient who have premature wearing out of the socket.

Common Questions about Glenoid Resurfacing for Premature Osteoarthritis

What is Glenoid Resurfacing?

Glenoid resurfacing is an arthroscopic procedure to resurface the glenoid or shoulder socket with a graft. An arthritic shoulder socket has a rough surface and causes pain. Resurfacing the socket provides a smooth surface onto which the ball (humeral head) can articulate.

Who is the ideal candidate for Glenoid Resurfacing?

Glenoid resurfacing is appropriate for patients with severe osteoarthritis of the socket only with preservation of the ball. It is performed in patients who have severe osteoarthritis of the socket who are too young or active for a shoulder replacement. It is performed arthroscopically and is meant to delay the need for a shoulder replacement.

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