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Elbow Contracture Release
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

An arthroscopic procedure performed to remove scar tissue in the elbow while gently manipulating the elbow to regain full motion. Scar tissue can cause loss of motion after injury, fracture or surgery. Two to four small incisions are made around the elbow. An arthroscopic camera and instruments are used to inspect the joint and identify the scar tissue. Elbow motion is examined with the arthroscope to ensure all areas of scarring are removed.

Common Questions about Elbow Contracture Release

What is an elbow contracture?

A contracture is when scar tissue develops in the elbow after injury or prolonged immobilization. The elbow cannot fully bend or straighten anymore due to these contractures.

How is elbow elbow contracture release performed?

Through an open incision scar contractures can be removed and full range of motion achieved. Severe contractures must be released in an open manner to dissect and free up the neurovascular structures that have been scarred down and are contracted.

Arthroscopic release of contractures can be performed through 3 or 4 small holes but only for mild contractures.

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