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CAM (Comprehensive Arthroscopic Management) Procedure For Advanced Osteoarthritis
Dr. James Chen, M.D. - In San Francisco, CA

An arthroscopic procedure performed to decompress a shoulder with premature or advanced osteoarthritis. Loose cartilage and tissue is removed and the joint is smoothed out. Most importantly, the large bone spur on the inferior humeral head often referred to as the "Goat's Beard" osteophyte is removed. Then the axillary nerve is decompressed to relieve pain. The CAM procedure is meant to increase mobility of the shoulder and delay a full total shoulder replacement surgery.

Common Questions about CAM Procedure for Advanced Osteoarthritis

What is the CAM procedure?

The CAM procedure is a decompression procedure to remove bone spurs, loose bodies, and to release the capsule around the shoulder. It provides relief by creating more space in the shoulder and allowing for more motion by releasing scar tissue.

Who is the ideal candidate for the CAM procedure?

The CAM procedure is appropriate for patients with severe osteoarthritis who are too young or active for a shoulder replacement. It is performed arthroscopically and is meant to delay the need for a shoulder replacement.

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